PAX East 2012: Future of Online Gaming panel

This year's PAX East has made for a great Easter weekend of gaming fun. On Friday I was lucky enough to get invited to take part in a fantastic panel at the show. hosted the 'Future of Online Gaming' panel with a fantastic group of MMO devs (and little ol' me for good measure). With over two thousand in attendance we talked all things MMO for an hour. A huge thanks to Bill and is crew for putting on the panel.

People seemed to enjoy the session, and it was great to get to talk to lots of those who attended afterwards. It's why I love the shows that are open to the public! I'm also really glad that the passion we all have for the genre shines through. A couple of people I spoke to afterwards expressed surprise that we weren't all 'My game is better than your game', and to be honest, as proud as we are of our own games, most people working in the genre genuinely respect the other teams making MMOs. After all, we know first hand how hard these games are to get to market.

That passion is what makes the genre such fun to work in. Coupled with the community involvement it's easy to remind yourself why you love working on these games.

You can check out the entire session for yourself below! Again, a huge thank you to the good folk at that put so much time into making these panels happen!

More thoughts and pictures from PAX tomorrow once I have caught up on some sleep!