The Blade of the Sands

This was a project that I had been looking forward to tackling for some time.

I had picked up the Necrosphinx kit just before it was retired by Games Workshop a few months ago, and finally found the time over the last two weekends to do it some justice!

Necrosphinx - The Blade of the Sands

I wanted to create an aged bronze and gold feel overall. So started out by using layers of inks and washes to weather the bronze and gold.

Then the challenge was picking out which details to add color to, without the model starting to look to busy. I always associated rich, primary colors with Egyptian schemes, so I went for some red and bright blue detailing.

Once the colors were in I went back and used some more washes to blend the color details back in and weather them a little.

Since I wouldn't be using him to actually play with I decided to go to town a little, and craft a display base for him as well.

I think it all came together pretty well all things considered. I was happy with the final results!

Necrosphinx - The Blade of the Sands